Welcome to The Gamers Guild

Wednesday evenings 7-10:30

RPG groups Board Game Club

Friday evenings 7-10

FNM Tournament (See our facebook page for details)

RPG Groups

Saturday Afternoon 11-5

MTG events, commander or drafts

Warhammer 40k Killteam!

Sunday Afternoon 2-4

RPG Groups and Paint Club!!

What we do

The Gamers Guild is a family friendly game shop without a plug in sight! Based at Linkfield Corner, in between Redhill and Reigate, we offer an extensive range of choice in family and strategy board games, and gaming evenings!

Our main focus is our community, as we have an active group who play board games on wednesday evenings, and various different roleplay groups. We accommodate a whole selection of Role Playing Games, and new Warhammer in our partnership with GamesWorkshop! We stock a wide variety of board games, role playing games and accessories and Magic the Gathering cards as well!