About Us

The Gamers Guild is a family friendly independent games store based in the heart of Redhill and Reigate in Surrey. The business was founded in 2003 by Chris Bennett, with a vision to bring children closer to their parents, and friends closer together through gaming. Games play an important part of social life, spanning the centuries and some even pre-date written language. In the earliest civilizations, one game resembling Mancala has dates back to 5870BC!

As console games have become more readily available, children and adults alike, are spending more time in isolation, and although these games are interactive, that interaction is in one direction, the game cannot interact with us on our terms! Playing games with other people and the sociability that accompanies them is an invaluable part of our development.

The team at The Gamers Guild all share this passion. All the team members are family orientated; between us we have seven children spanning all age groups and abilities. We carefully select our stock to bring you the best of what the gaming community has to offer, from family board games to hobby interests such as table top war gaming and craft activities which you can enjoy together as a family. And as one of our customers said “The family who games together, stays together!”, we couldn’t put it better ourselves!